Welcome to the Dept. of Tourism Creation!

This department started in April 2008 in the hope of creating new types of tours and revitalizing regional communities. We have three main courses:

1. Tour and Hotel Management
Students learn how to arrange an itinerary as well as practical business affairs and how to serve tourists, customers, and lodgers.

2. Tour Guiding and Announcing
Students learn about communication with others, which is indispensable to the travel industry. They undergo training in vocalization, interviewing, guiding, etc.

3. International Tourism
Students (re)discover their local communities and home countries, and at the same time, have the chance to learn about foreign countries. They also learn how to present valuable information to tourists through various communication media.

In order to support the courses, we have classes in languages, computing, local revitalization, health tourism, etc.. We also have extramural activities and an internship program so that students can learn from what they have experienced through them.

Our department is blessed with many sightseeing resources. The City of Kurashiki, in which our university is located, is visited by millions of people every year. Its scenic city center, known as theg Bikan Area,h contains many traditional buildings and the Ohara Museum, the first museum dedicated to Western art in Japan, located along the beautiful Kurashiki River. Facing the Seto Inland Sea, the city is also famous for the Seto Ohashi Bridge, the longest bridge for both cars and trains in the world, whose grandeur with a splendid backdrop of many islands is highly appreciated in Japan. The city is also famous for its cutting-edge industries: the Mizushima area is an industrial complex including automobile manufacturing, iron manufacturing and petroleum refining, while the Kojima area has a thriving textile industry. Students often enjoy hands-on activities in this city, including practical training in the Bikan Area or at hotels.

We hope that through our curriculum students will get ready to work energetically and faithfully in travel industry.

Our major subjects include:

- Introduction to Tourism
- Hospitality
- Okayam-Kurashiki Studies
- Foreign Affairs
- Food and Culture
- Tourism and Economy
- Tourism and Media
- Tourism Marketing
- Local Revitalization
- Barrier-free Environment
- Web Design
- Accommodation Management
- Speech Training
- Tour Guiding
- Languages: English, French, Chinese and Korean as well as Japanese

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