DBS: Distributed Benchmark System

-- A performance measurement tool for TCP/IP Network -- Japanese Page


What is DBS

Why we need DBS? What is the motivation of DBS?

Goal and Features of DBS

The goal of this system is to provide a framework for evaluating entire TCP functions.

Implementation of DBS

DBS includes 3 programs: dbsc, dbsd and dbs_view. dbsc handles control part, dbsd process data sending/receiving and finally dbs_view is a data process program.

What is the different of DBS from other benchmark tools?

To verify the results of DBS and also to proof the superiority of DBS, we have constructed some experiments between DBS and existing tools.

Measurement Results by DBS

Experiments had been conducted using DBS to measure TCP end-to-end performance with various kinds of networks such as both LANs including FDDI, ATM, and HIPPI over ATM networks, and WANs including VSAT satellite channels.

Download DBS Version 1.1.5(Jun 6 1998)

DBS is a free software. You can get DBS from this page and use DBS freely. Anyway, you have to agree with the terms and conditions of the Copyright before using DBS.


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